About Trusted Spirits

Trusted Spirits, LLC (“Trusted Spirits”) was founded in early 2018 by two seasoned executives, Keenan Towns and Marc Weisberg (the “Co-Founders”). The Co-founders bring significant operating and transactional experience across multiple industries, including beverage alcohol, technology, media, and communications. The Co-founders are experienced in creating and enhancing stakeholder value through brand launches, operations, marketing, talent management, corporate development, strategic alliances, and mergers & acquisitions.

Trusted Spirits is a platform company that develops and markets beverage alcohol brands, all in partnership with highly relevant celebrity co-owners (our “Celebrity Partners”). The company is actively involved in product innovation, procurement, production, marketing, and distribution of its various brands, and retains ownership and management of the underlying intellectual property for each brand.

Our Celebrity Partners, who also serve as trusted endorsers/influencers for their respective brands, are highly relevant in today’s culture, have exceptional social media reach across multiple platforms, and have successfully endorsed various products in the past. Our Celebrity Partners are involved in all aspects of their respective brand development and are a natural (authentic) fit for the brands they co-own with us.

Trusted Spirits’ initial brand is INDOGGO Gin, launched into distribution in September 2020, and developed in partnership with Calvin Broadus aka “Snoop Dogg,” the king of Gin & Juice. INDOGGO Gin is a laid-back California style gin, made with seven botanicals, distilled five times, infused with natural flavors, and is gluten and sugar-free.

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